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Hire Costs:

How much does a full bar service and all equipment cost to hire? 

Our most asked question and this will depend on what you're looking for?

We usually go far beyond running the actual bar. We're always happy to advise on any aspect of your wedding or event day and always have a full run through in advance. This always highlights points in advance and ensures the smoother running of your day. After running in excess of 500 mobile bars, you benefit from our experience. Whilst we don't call ourselves event or wedding planners, it's a role that we often unofficialy undertake and better still it's free!


As a guide we offer: 


Hire of Mobile Bars with Bottle Cooler (glass fronted fridge), back bar, staff and a fully stocked bar. We will do everything for you. If your event is within 80 miles (or up to 2 hours) from SY21 0PU and expected adult guests number 80+ then it usually does not cost you anything, other than drinks. We cover our costs simply from bar takings & drinks packages. A minimum bar spend will always apply. The minimum bar spend is just £1500 and requires a deposit of just £250.

95% of events with 80+ guests easily reach this spend.

Our drinks prices are more in line with local pub prices (if not cheaper) and we always have offers on drinks which are popular. You can choose to have an inclusive drinks package for your guests or just a pay per drink from the bar in the same way as a pub. Example drinks prices below:


Ales, medium wines, branded spirits & mixer  - From £3.00

Bottles of lager (Budweiser) - 5 for £10

Jaeger Bombs - 4 for £10

Soft Drinks - £1.00

Full wedding packages are available and can be customised to suit you. An example of a standard package is below:

Full package - £11.50 per head with 5 other packages available (including bespoke).

Welcome drink, table wines, water & toast drinks including all glassware 

All of the above will be delivered in advance when we set up (usually the day or two before) and will be served by us chilled.

We will also collect all bottles, used glassware from the table after the toast and meal.


If a venue has a premises licence then usually no additional licence is required.

If it doesn't then a Temporary Event Notice is required. This is a straightforward process from your local council. We can advise or sort this for you. Currently the fee payable to the council is just £21 and must be applied for at least 10 working days in advance (5 is possible but not advisable). It is straightforward but essential to comply with current laws and something we can help with. This includes not only the sale of alcohol but also entertainment such as a band playing music and is an essential requirement.


We Serve Wales, Cheshire, Merseyside, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Midlands and beyond...

Cestrian Mobile Bar


80 miles or 2 hours from SY21 0PU


Friendly Staff & Prices


Everything Included


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