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Getting Your Wedding Bar Right

Sometimes the first or last aspect thought about is the wedding bar. It's easy and doesn't take much work? We'll go to the supermarket, fill the car with beer, wine & fizz, put a table in the corner and let guests help themselves! It will be fine on the day? We'll just get his mates (or whoever) to serve the drinks and keep things topped up? Time for a reality check!

Alternatively, you could book a hotel and hear guests moaning about drinks prices the whole time! A tipi, marquee or other venue is so much more fun though and guests won't feel cheated.

Planning your wedding drinks isn't that straightforward, can be complicated and a daunting prospect, but doesn't need to be.

If you've ever planned or are planning wedding drinks, you'll have quickly realised the amount of work that's involved if you do it yourself.

The logistics of guest drinks can prove a challenge. How much to provide? Where to store drinks in advance? Where to chill fizz or white wine? When & what to serve? Where to serve from? How to serve toast drinks? Glassware? Collection & glassware storage? Fridges, Draught or bottles?, Keeping beer & cider cold, soft drinks etc .Help!

If you try to do it on your own, you may struggle to provide enough or a selection of drinks that will suit everyone. Guests then go home early or get smashed early on, drinking too much free wine or spirits. The hosts or their helping guests may also spend the entire day stressing about re-stocking, topping up, running out of glasses, mess everywhere, ice etc. and then wish they'd never bothered. It's a story I've heard, but fortunately, many realise well in advance of the actual day.

Whilst it does happen, very few weddings have a free bar the whole day and most offer the usual reception, wine on tables & toast drinks. Guests then order the remainder at the bar, whether paid or sometimes free.

We can advise and help with every aspect and it's often far cheaper than you'd think.

For drinks, we can offer:

Drinks Packages

'Free Bar' Option

Money Behind Bar

Drinks 'Free' For A Certain Period

First Drink Included

Guest Paying Bar

Flexibility is the key, as no two weddings are the same.

We can:

Help with planning your space to avoid common mistakes. Putting the bar right next to the dance floor or DJ is a classic example.

Provide advice regarding quantities, range of drinks and bring everything that is needed with the minimum of fuss.

Setup in advance of the big day.

Provide competent bar staff that are friendly & approachable and get the job done well.

Ensure that there are sufficient drinks & correct equipment

Why not do it properly, as you've one day and one chance to get it right!

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